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Mineral bracelet

Bracelet OWL - mix of stones


  • Beautiful bracelet OWL- mix of stones
  • Made with love in Bali. 
  • Original cotton bag as a gift
  • Silver component - OWL

bracelet type

30.00 €

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DHL - world mainly outside Europe: Friday 4. 2.
Description Parameters


Angelite is a stone for healers because it promotes receptivity and makes contact with pure cosmic energy. It is called the stone of compassion and mercy and protects the owner from cruelty. It helps us to come to terms with things we cannot change and evokes a feeling of peace and tranquility.

Opalite acts as a mediator between our body and the Earth. Thanks to this connection, it allows us to draw life energy, amplify all our qualities. It supports intuition and harmonizes the whole body.

Amethyst is a stone of spiritual purification and meditation. A powerful stone with tremendous protective, healing and cleansing power. It banishes insomnia and nightmares. It brings peace and banishes stress, negative emotions, worries and anger. It helps focus, adds determination and develops intuition.

Agate is a stone of truth that helps the owner to be honest and gives courage and confidence. It also helps to achieve mental and physical harmony. 

Jadeite is a protective stone that brings harmony to life. It is a symbol of peace and tranquility. It attracts happiness, friendship and money. It protects us from misfortunes and accidents. It calms the mind and elevates the wisdom of the spirit. 

Sodalite is the stone of logic, rationality and productivity. It is useful for group work and stimulates the mind. It is a stone of truth and brings it to all spheres of communication. It is also called the stone of poets and is suitable for the treatment of speech disorders.


Color multicolour
Material agate, aquamarine, Ametyst, Angelite, Jadeit, Opalit, Turquoise
Weight 0.1 kg
Inner circumference S 14.8, M 15.7 cm
YOGGYS náramek SOVA - angelit, opalit, ametyst, achát, zelený a modrý jadeit, tyrkys, akvamarín a sodalit

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