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Profesionální prémiová podložka pro bezkonkurenční přilnavost ze 100% recyklovatelné gumy s povrchem z eko kůže.

All yoga mat  

(vegan leather mat) 4 mm

Professional premium mat for unrivaled grip made of 100% recyclable rubber with eco leather surface.

A great choice for those of us who have palms and soles gliding on any other surface. You don't have to despair anymore, because ALL YOGA MAT will save you. Guaranteed!


+ Currently the most popular type of mat on the market due to its functionality, the level of comfort it offers, and the beautiful designs.

+ A heavier layer of 100% recyclable natural rubber ensures that the mat keeps its shape when unrolled and does not slip on the floor even during dynamic exercise, while the vegan leather surface adheres perfectly despite its smoothness, so your hands and feet will not slip, even if you sweat. If you like warm feet during yoga, this yoga mat will handle yoga in socks.

+ Quality design ensures that the mat can withstand even everyday high loads.

+ 4 mm thickness provides protection for the spine and joints and helps prevent bruising. So you will use it not only for dynamic lessons, but also for calmer yoga practices and meditation, where you will welcome the comfort that this yoga mat offers.

+ Its maintenance is extremely simple - dirt does not stick to the smooth surface, so just wipe it with a damp cloth, possibly in combination with a natural cleaner.

+ This model doesn't contain toxins, silicones, artificial adhesives, phthalates or PVC.


- With this mat you will enjoy a high profile, softness and stability at the expense of weight. If you plan to carry or travel yoga often, you may prefer another, lighter travel model from our offer.

- Beware of nails: the surface of the vegan leather mat is resistant to abrasion, but long sharp nails or jewelry on the hands and feet can damage it. If you don't want to risk anything, we recommend our MICROFIBER YOGA MAT, which is practically indestructible.

Parameters all yoga mat


Material: bottom layer - recyclable 100% natural rubber,
surface - a thin layer on the surface of a special PU

Size: 183 x 68 cm

Weight: 3.6 KG

Thickness: 4 mm

Profesionální prémiová podložka pro bezkonkurenční přilnavost ze 100% recyklovatelné gumy s povrchem z eko kůže.
Vhodná proVšechny jogíny
Ochrana kloubůVysoká
Lze prát v pračceNe
BaleníPopruh a taška v ceně


Clean with a damp cloth, water with a mild detergent.
Do not use bleach cleaners.
We do not recommend exposing to direct sunlight for a long time.

Designed in the Czech Republic, manufactured outside the EU, all products respect the production standards and EU certificates, SGS certification, ISO 9001.



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