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We are a young Czech brand that designs and lovingly creates yoga equipment inspired by nature and the yogic traveler's creative soul. Yoga has been making sense of our lives for several years. We believe, that connecting the body & soul, is the way we can become better people. We wish that you, our customer and yoga lover, experience the same feeling. This is one of the main reasons, why we stared few years ago to sell yoga and meditation products through our already well known Yoga Store shop. But soon after during a longer permanence in Bali ,we realized, that there was something missing. We didn’t wanted just to sell products, but we really wanted to motivate people for a healthier and more colorful life, as we were experiencing during our magic journey in Indonesia. And that’s where our dream begun, that’s where the heart of YOGGYS started to beat. All our products are the result of a big vision, inspired by the lovely colors and magic atmosphere of Bali and other interesting cultures around the world. We would like to bring this joy and positive energy right into your home, stimulating your practice and your yoga journey. As we love our Mother Earth, YOGGYS has an environmentally friendly mind in interaction with long-term quality of its products.Conscious, that big things starts with a first small step, a first raising up thought, we don’t create just mats, but new beginnings.


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