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How to choose the yoga mat?

We will guide you through the selection of the Yoggys mat. Thanks to the table you can compare the basic parameters of the yoga mats. We describe each mat in more detail, just click on more. Remember, we only make recommendations. Only you really know what is the best for you and your practice.

 Microfiber yoga matMicrofiber yoga mat (přenosné) Microfiber yoga mat (cestovní) All yoga matCork matOne color yoga mat PVCOne color yoga mat TPE
Dimension183 × 61 cm183 × 61 cm183 × 61 cm183 × 68 cm183 × 61 cm183 × 61 cm183 × 66 cm
thickness3,5 mm1,5 mm1 mm4 mm4 mm4 mm6 mm
WEIGHT3,1 kg2, 4 kg1,5 kg3,6 kg3 kg1 kg1 kg
MateriAlNatural rubber and microfiberNatural rubber and microfiberNatural rubber and microfiberNatural rubber and a thin layer of PUNatural rubber and 100% corkPVC without chemical dyesTPE without  chemical dyes
Suitable forAll yogis (advanced)All yogis (advanced)All yogis (advanced)All yogis (proffessional)All yogisAll yogis (beginners)All yogis (beginners)
ANTI-SLIPYesYesYesYes (high)YesYes (but less)Yes (but less)
Strap and bag includedYesYesYesYesYesNoNo



1. Microfiber yoga mat 
2. Microfiber yoga mat travel 1,5 mm
3. Microfiber yoga mat travel 1 mm
4. Cork mat
5. All yoga mat
6. One color yoga mat PVC 
7. One color yoga mat TPE 


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