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Our YOGGYS Ambassadors

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List of Yoggys ambassadors from the Czech Republic

yoga mat

I can't say exactly what "YOGA" is

I can tell you anything, but it never captures the feeling that comes when you try yoga for yourself. Maybe not the first time, maybe not the second time, but when the moment comes, when you realize that your body, mind and soul works as one, yoga will be a part of you forever. Yoga helped me to change my life, my thoughts, my sleep, my diet, my breath, my body, my decisions, my direction of life, everything has moved for the better and I wish everyone awareness, that we are responsible for our lives and that we can change and improve their quality. And that  is the reason why I have become a yoga teacher. I want to help. share and expand the potential that lies in the yoga philosophy. When my life get upside down and I found myself at a crossroads in life, I began to look for a new direction, a new beginning, a new path and I found it, I found yoga. Asthanga yoga, Bicram yoga or Vinyasa flow. I was so fascinated by yoga teaching that I decided to take a trip to India, where I studied Ayurveda, Ayurvedic massages, nutritional therapy and I firmly believe that I will be able to return to India soon. There is so much to discover! I already know that one life is not enough for me. I firmly believe that yoga will also help you to move one step closer to your nature, to a full, fulfilled and happy life.

With love Bára

List of Yoggys ambassadors from Slovakia

Yoga practice and its philosophy have been close to me since an early age

My mother introduced me to it during the first years of my life. About 8 years ago, I dedicated my life to yoga and spreading its message. I gained the most important knowledge and my teaching training in the Indian cities of Rishikesh and Indor, where I spent several months alongside my Indica gurus (teachers). I completed several Prana Yama courses - breathing techniques, Yin Yoga and Yoga Therapy. Due to my unquenchable desire to learn yoga, I visit India at regular intervals. There I find peace and unity important for preserving and consolidating my yoga practice and broadening my horizons. 

I actively practice and teach Traditional Hatha Yoga, Vinyasa Yoga, Yin Yoga, Prana Yama, Face Yoga and Yoga Therapy. I master quantum therapy, energy exercises, acro yoga and I have been involved in active vegan life for 10 years. Yoga is the "alpha omega" of my life. An important part is the practice of traditional 8-level Yoga. My practice and learning include breathing techniques, dynamic transitions, creativity in positions and advanced asanas, relaxation and meditation techniques. Equally important is chanting mantras and enlightenment about performing asanas, and yoga techniques, in order to absolutely feel the effects, which Yoga brings. In my class, you will experience exercises on a physical and spiritual level, combined with breathing to reconcile body and mind and maintain balance of body and soul.

Vanda Gallo

yoga mat

yoga mat

Hi, my name is Erika

I am a certified yoga teacher, yoga therapy instructor and a CONI / UISP graduate in teaching yoga to children. I was born and raised in Slovakia, where I graduated from the Pedagogical and Social Academy. At 18, I left my country in search of work and learning about different cultures and countries. My story when I met yoga is really fun. It happened through an application I downloaded to my phone (one of the first very basic yoga applications), so I started trying my first experience of practicing yoga. By gaining many physical and mental benefits, I immediately realized that yoga is my mission and my passion that satisfies me so much that I wanted to become a yoga teacher and that through yoga and a healthy life I can inspire other people to lead a calmer and happier life. ... Yoga has shown me a way to change my view of everyday life, many times helping to heal my body and soul. In this hectic and stressful time, it is good to find time for yourself to calm down and listen in silence. Dive deep and find peace in this fast-paced world. 

With love,

Erika Matuskova

List of Yoggys ambassadors from Italy

We always have two options: give up or believe in ourselves and move on

Like everyone else, I had some difficult moments in my life, and I owe it to the sports and my will, if I am where I am today. We always have two options: give up or believe in ourselves and move on. Give yourself the opportunity to improve yourself and your life. For this reason, I help people to achieve their goals, not to give up, than sport changes not only their bodies, but also their whole lives. I always compile the training style in a way that best suits each individual, so that the training is not only effective, but also pleasant. My beginnings were mostly bodybuilding, after which I expanded my knowledge to circle training, hard functional training and all sports, which include the direct and simultaneous involvement of more physical skills and all energy systems. 

Knowledge: - bodybuilding - functional training - hard functional training - circle training - kettlebell training - barbell training - joint mobility - animal flow


Allesio Raineri

yoga mat

yoga mat

I love pushing forwords my limits

I've always danced. I attended my first ballet lesson when I was three years old and I haven't stopped since that time. Ten years ago, I approached the world of fitness and started my journey as teacher in first and second degree of pilates, yoga fitness, body shaping, exercises suitable for pregnant women and Zumba. I am currently completing 200 hours of yoga teatech training course. I love pushing forwords my limits, trying new challenges, being passionate about what I do and sharing emotions. In my practice you will find a bit of all this, an explosion of pure energy. 


We love movement in all its forms

Hi, greetings from Masha and Luca, we are a couple in real and work life and we try to help people on their way to a happy life through fitness and yoga training. We love movement in all its forms and in our free time we like to experiment with acro yoga. We support a healthy, active and balanced life and we never give up anything (not even sweets) :) Follow us and find out more.

Masha & Luca 


yoga mat

yoga mat

Stejně jako se voda přizpůsobí nádobě,
přizpůsobí se ásana jogínovi

Jsem lektorka jógy s mezinárodní certifikací ODAKA YOGA RYT 500. Narodila jsem se a vyrostla v Sicílii, kde daly příroda a blízký kontakt s mořem příležitost mé duši projevit její přirozenost. Od dětství mě lákaly východní pohybové nauky. Můj život provázelo ju-jitsu, kde jsem dosáhla I Dan level v roce 2006. Umění pohybu se pro mě stalo formou meditace a v roce 2017 jsem se stala lektorkou Odaka jógy. Odaka je pro mě evolucí minulých zkušeností z bojových umění. Mocná jógová sekvence se schopností žít v přítomnosti, a uvědoměním si procesu ponořeného do energie, záměru a lásky. 

Mé lekce dávají studentům volnost v hledání a vyjadřování se pomocí liquid stylu. Stejně jako se voda přizpůsobí každé nádobě, přizpůsobuje se cvičení ásan každému praktikantovi. V posledních letech se má praxe vyvinula na další úroveň a experimentuji s novými proudy, jako je použití tyče typické pro Pole Tance a vzdušného kruhu. V roce 2021 jsem získala kvalifikaci instruktora Yoga cen le Ali. 


S láskou Vivian

Hi, my name is Rosaria and I am a power yoga, vinyasa flow teacher and ashtanga practitioner based in Italy

I have been dancing  till I was 21 when, due to a bad knee injury I had to quit.

I started teaching fitness, then moved to functional training, I just loved being into sports (swimming, mountain bike, climbing), I needed to keep my body moving..but I felt something was missing.

Till I tried yoga. I tried with an online yoga class and after that I immediately looked for a teacher in my city.

After a few classes I asked to change my full time job into a part time as I needed more time to practice. It was 6 years ago and since then I have stepped on my mat every single day, whether for 15 minutes or 2 hours it does not matter, my mat is my safe place and my playground. It is my time. 

Sometimes I wish I had started at a younger age, as a kid, but I think yoga comes into your life when you are ready to accept it. Yoga is a little seed, that once planted will find its way to keep growing and blooming. We only have to plant it and give it space and time to grow and watch ourselves blossom.

I would not say yoga is all my life but it definitly is a very important part of it.

Every day I witness how that seed is growing, shaping and changing so many aspects of my life and personality and I planning to give it all the time it needs to grow. 

I love yoga because it does not tell us who or what we should be, it connects us with our nature, our true self that so often we try to forget to become what we are expected to be, and it teaches us to listen to it.

Love, Rosaria

yoga mat

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