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Yoga equipment

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All yoga mat

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Resistant yoga mats perfect on the road

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Yoggys - Your yoga guru

Yoga means the unification of the physical body with the mental. It's a way to become a better person. The lotus flower, which grows from the name YOGGYS, symbolizes enlightenment, purity of love and spiritual perfection. The lotus is a symbol of eternity and rebirth. These values and state can be achieved through regular yoga practice,  through the conscious connection of body and soul.

How to choose the best yoga mat

When we started to create mats, we swore to ourselves, that our yoga mats would withstand the onslaught of everyday practice for a long time, will be made of natural or well-degradable materials, with an original design and that they will be a stable anti-slip support for the body. We got that promise and exactly such a mat is our MICROFIBER YOGA MAT or the ALL YOGA MAT. However, in our offer you will also find the ONE COLOR YOGA MATS, which are less durable and their price is much lower. These mats are made of PVC and are ideal for beginners. We made a comparison of the mats for you, you just have to choose.

Why should I choose a yoga equipment from Yoggys?

Bag as a present

A practical bag included to all not discounted mats. 

Original design

We realize our own design and oversee an environmentally friendly production.

We suggest you

You are not sure which mat you should choose?
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Free shipping

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How is a Yoggys mat?


The mat will be a stable support thanks to its non-slip surface.


For the production of the mats, we use only natural and ecologically degradable materials


A large selection of beautiful motifs and colors that motivate, harmonize and enjoy.

They say about Yoggys design mats…

iBeautiful yoga mat. I recommend it to everyone for yoga practice. It fulfilled all my expectations with bonus - the mat is beautiful, resistant and sticky .. simply the best!

Simona Ferri


I appreciate the practical bag over the shoulder for the mat. I ordered a classic travel mat. The travel mat surprised me, then I was afraid it would be too thin, but it's fine. I really like the design. And I'm excited that the mat doesn't move on the ground and doesn't roll back. Compared to an ordinary mat, your hands and feet didn’t slip and it has a wonderful design.



Beautiful design.

Great material!

The mat doesn’t slip

Practical bag



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