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Microfiber yoga mat  

(design mat) 3.5 mm

Luxury mat made of 100% recyclable natural rubber with a soft microfiber surface.

A great choice for those who are committed to everyday yoga practice and are looking for a mat that is almost indestructible, while offering comfort and inspiring design.


+ Thanks to the more durable bottom layer of 100% recyclable natural rubber, it holds its shape after unrolling, doesn't roll and doesn't slip on the ground. The microfiber surface is very comfortable and it isn't necessary to put a towel over it.

+ The upper surface made of absorbent microfiber is very pleasant to the touch, provides comfort to the joints and, thanks to a special anti-slip treatment, it is also suitable for more demanding yoga practice. The anti-slip treatment is activated by increased humidity, so this mat will suit you especially if you practice dynamic styles of yoga, such as ashtanga yoga, vinyasa yoga, power yoga or hot yoga.

+ Despite the anti-slip treatment, the mat is ideal for practicing jumps and transitions without burnt insteps.

+ At the beginning of the practice, you can lightly moisten it with a sprayer to activate the anti-slip treatment of the area under the palms and soles. If you have used commonly available mats with a PVC or TPE surface so far, microfiber may be unusual for you during the first exercise. The anti-slip layer provides sufficient support for the palms and feet, but at the same time it forces you to engage the muscles of the whole body more during practice.

+ By choosing this mat, you protect your health and the environment. This model doesn't  contain toxins, silicones, artificial adhesives, phthalates or PVC, and the paints used are water-based and therefore environmentally friendly.


- If you are used to exercising in socks, it is possible that the mat will slip. The anti-slip treatment of the surface layer is activated in contact with damp and warm skin.

- The quality and durability of the design of this mat are hard to compete, but on the other side it brings higher weight, especially with the standard model with a higher base layer (3.5 mm). If you plan to travel often with the mat, we recommend to consider a thinner travel option with a lower weight.

Parameters of microfiber yoga mat

Material: bottom layer - recyclable 100% natural rubber,
surface - fine absorbent microfiber - 20% nylon, 80% polyester.

Size: 183 x 61 cm, available in 3 thicknesses
3.5 mm - Higher, softer and heavier mat suitable for home practice without frequent carrying. Once unrolled, it holds its shape and thickness ensures that you will not have bruised knees or insteps. Even a longer meditation sessions will be more comfortable.
1.5 mm - A more compact mat suitable for frequent transfers between home and lessons in your favorite yoga studio. A nice compromise between softness and weight.
1 mm - Lightweight travel mat, which can be easily folded into a bag or backpack. The mat will be useful not only outdoors, but also in studios, where you can use the travel mat as a hygienic protection and personal layer, covering a common yoga mat.

Perfect forVšechny jogíny
Joint protectionHigh (by thickness)
Machine washableYes
PackagingStrap and bag included


Clean with water and a mild detergent.
It can be showered or washed in the washing machine for a gentle program at 30 ℃.
Do not use bleach cleaners.
No tumble drying. Suitable to dry naturally suspended in the room.
We do not recommend exposing to prolonged direct sunlight.

Designed in the Czech Republic, manufactured outside the EU, it respect the EU production standards and certificates, SGS certification, ISO 9001.


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